Karein Taped Diapers are a great choice for adults suffering from bladder leakage issues. They are designed to fit both men & women, and are highly absorbent and help you go about your daily routine without fear of leakage.

  • Unisex
  • Leak-Proof Technology
  • Superior Absorbency
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Super Absorbent Gel Core
  • Super Soft Surface
  • Size - M, L, XL




Karein Pull-Up Diapers are designed to be worn as regular underwear, and are extremely comfortable. They are designed to fit both men & women, and their highly absorbent quality makes them the perfect choice for adults with




Frequent night-time bed wetting, post-surgery incontinence are issues where you need some extra help. KareIn Underpads are very helpful in such cases. Placed over the bed sheets, these are extremely helpful for At-Home care of incontinence patients, post maternity and post-surgery patients in hospitals and nursing homes.

  • Four Corner Easy Positioning
  • Long Lasting Dryness
  • Super Absorbent Gel Core
  • Super Soft Surface


  • Ajay

    My uncle was diagnosed with urine leakage issues about a year back, and was recommended to start wearing adult diapers. We were recommended KareIn diapers by our local chemist outlet, and my uncle has been using them ever since. He loves the comfortable feeling and the complete lack of wetness it provides. I’d like to thank KareIn for making such an amazing product.

  • Jeevan

    From the first time my father tried the new KareIn Adult Diaper, it was just right. No leaks, and no wetness on clothes or bed sheets. What he really appreciates is the prominent tapes on the sides and front, that help in a very secure fit. I’d like to thank KareIn for making such an amazing product.

  • Vidya

    I think this is absolutely perfect for elders who are not well and find it difficult to go to the toilet. Also a good travel companion. KareIn has helped my grandfather enjoy his life to the fullest. Adult Diapers need not be for the people who are sick, it is for people who can't access the toilet at a given time.



Everything that you wanted to know about incontinence and its management.

Living with Incontinence can be frightening. The uncontrollable urge to empty your bladder can put a pause on life’s celebrations. But it need not be so! Realizing you have a condition is the first step towards taking preventive and precautionary measures. Consult your doctor and understand your symptoms better. Once you know what you are dealing with, managing incontinence becomes that much easier. Because there is help around. With the right products at your side, your life can remain as rich and fulfilling as ever.

Incontinence refers to uncontrollable urine leakage. Data suggests that it affects more than 30% of people across the world, more so with as they grow older. In countries like India, it is still not openly discussed, and is often seen as a sign of shame. What it actually needs is a better understanding of symptoms, followed by proper precautions and treatment, if required.

Urge incontinence: Sudden, intense urge to pass urine, with occasional leakage
Stress incontinence: Urine Leakage while involuntary reflexes like cough, sneeze, or laugh
Overflow Incontinence: Inability to fully empty the bladder while urinating, leading to urine dribbling out
Functional incontinence: Caused by physical/mental conditions like Alzheimer’s or arthritis, that prevent you from reaching the restroom quickly
Mixed incontinence: Combination of Urge & Stress Incontinence

Incontinence occurs when the muscles responsible for supporting the bladder or holding in urine weaken, and are unable to prevent the urine from leaking out. While this can happen at any age, it is more common with advancing age. In some cases, nervous system deterioration can prevent the brain from registering signals from the body to urinate

Some of the common causes of incontinence are as follows:

Pregnancy & Childbirth:  Pregnancy & Childbirth can both weaken bladder controlling muscles
Advancing Age: The Human bladder weakens with age, reducing its ability to hold the urine
Menopause: Estrogen loss post menopause can weaken pelvic muscles, causing reduced bladder control
Enlarged prostate:This can restrict the flow of urine from the bladder, causing urinary symptoms
Prostate cancer: Surgery following prostrate cancer can lead to incontinence conditions for some time
Nervous system disorders: Diseases like Parkinson’s disease lead to muscle/nerve deterioration which is directly linked to bladder control

Your doctor is the best person to diagnose if you are suffering from Incontinence. Your doctor may also refer you to a urologist. Women may be referred to a urogynecologist if deemed necessary. Keeping a diary of your symptoms will help your doctor make a quicker and more accurate diagnosis.

ADULT DIAPERS: These are the most convenient way of managing incontinence. These are snug, comfortable, lightweight, (mostly) disposable and discreet under your clothes.

UNDERPADS: These are like bed pads that you can place over your sheets so that you don’t have to change the bed if there is any leakage during the night.



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    Living with Incontinence can be frightening. The uncontrollable urge to empty your bladder can put a pause on life’s c...

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