Taped Diapers Vs Pull Up Diapers

Taped Diapers Vs Pull Up Diapers

Whether you have a parent suffering from bladder leakage problems, or you are a medical or home-based caregiver for individuals with urinary incontinence, you should be well aware of the solutions available around you.

Adult Diapers have rapidly gained popularity, as a ready solution to help those with incontinence in leading regular lives with confidence & dignity.

These diapers come in taped or pull-up variants.

But we should also be aware of the differences between these two diapers to better understand the solution more specific to our needs.

So how exactly do they differ from each other?


A) Taped Diapers

These diapers have adhesive tapes on the sides & frontal tape at front. These tapes can be easily fastened on frontal tape to ensure a comfortable & customized fit. The taped format also makes it very convenient for any external caregiver to change a patient's diaper in a standing, sitting or lying position. Diapers from brands like KareIn are designed with high absorbency to provide superior protection against leakage. Taped Diapers can be worn by both men & women, are suitable for daytime or overnight usage.


(B) Pull-Up or Pant Style Diapers

Pull-Up Diapers are typically preferred by adults with a more active lifestyle. These can be pulled on like regular underwear (hence the name Pull-Ups or Pant Style), which is an ideal choice for those that prefer a regular look and feel to their underwear. KareIn Pull Up Diapers are designed for maximum comfort and absorption. The sides can be easily torn away to remove the diaper. They are also discreet under clothes and help you go about your daily routine with confidence. Like the taped diapers, these are suitable for both men & women, and can be worn at any time of the day or night.

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